Commission for Lawyer Discipline v. Charles Chandler Davis

On September 28, 2014, Mr. Davis filed a motion to transfer the matter to another State Bar of Texas grievance committee with the Board. Before the Board could rule on his motion, on September 29, 2014, an evidentiary panel hearing was held and Mr. Davis was disbarred. On September 30, 2014, Davis filed a petition for writ of mandamus with the Board of Disciplinary Appeals, seeking relief in the evidentiary matter that had concluded.  He also filed a motion for expedited consideration, a request for temporary relief, and a motion for emergency stay.   On October 2, 2014, the grievance committee signed the order disbarring Mr. Davis. On October 7, 2014, the Board signed an order denying Mr. Davis' Petition for Writ of Mandamus, Motion for Expedited Consideration, Request for Temporary Relief and Motion for Emergency Relief.  On October 23, 2014, oral argument was held on Mr. Davis' motion for reconsideration of his petition for mandamus. The motion was denied. Mr. Davis is disbarred.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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Thursday, October 23, 2014
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