Recent Decisions

SBOT Card No. Type of Matter Decision BODA Cause Number
In the Matter of Paul Anthony Carthew 00796315 Reciprocal Discipline Public Reprimand 60099
In the Matter of Juliann Kcenia Karenko 24058887 Reciprocal Discipline Agreed Suspension 60097
In the Matter of Patricia Anne Horal 24067667 Reciprocal Discipline Agreed Suspension 60096
In the Matter of Staci Jennifer Strong 24037546 Revocation of Probation Suspended 59903
In the Matter of Erik James Burris 24061360 Compulsory Discipline Interlocutory Suspension 59817
In the Matter of Joseph M. Bruno 000788860 Reciprocal Discipline Agreed Suspension 59816
In the Matter of James Matthew Monsebroten 24044180 Reciprocal Discipline Public Reprimand 59815
In the Matter of Perry Cortese 00790508 Compulsory Discipline Interlocutory Suspension 59813
In the Matter of Robin Jeffrey Gordon 08206200 Reciprocal Discipline Public Reprimand 59478
In the Matter of Randall R. Lyle 12719500 Compulsory Discipline Resigned in Lieu of Discipline 59135