Recent Decisions

SBOT Card No. Type of Matter Decision BODA Cause Number
In the Matter of Huey P. Mitchell 14212000 Disability Agreed Indefinite Disability Suspension 62094
In the Matter of Kirk Lawrence Brannan 24038779 Compulsory Discipline Interlocutory Suspension 62049
In the Matter of Jose Marcos Perales-Piña 24091472 Reciprocal Discipline Partially Probated Suspension 62036
In the Matter of Gerald G. "Greg" Eagleburger 06333000 Reciprocal Discipline Fully Probated Suspension 62035
In the Matter of Tallion Kyle Taylor 24033263 Compulsory Discipline Agreed Interlocutory Suspension 61628
Matthew L. Pepper v. Comm'n for Lawyer Discipline 24066817 Evidentiary Appeal Affirmed 61009
In the Matter of Bilal Ahmed Khaleeq 24091271 Compulsory Discipline Disbarred 60812
In the Matter of Tshombe Ali Anderson 24012218 Compulsory Discipline Disbarred 60492
In the Matter G. Michael Cooper III 04775600 Reciprocal Discipline Disbarred 58355
In the Matter of Ronald Eugene Reynolds 24025610 Compulsory Discipline Disbarred 57004