Recent Decisions

SBOT Card No. Type of Matter Decision BODA Cause Number
In the Matter of Drew Randolph Quitschau 24068447 Reciprocal Discipline Agreed Judgment of Suspension 61330
James Stephen Sustaita v. Comm'n for Lawyer Discipline 24013596 Evidentiary Appeal Dismissed 60892
In the Matter of Christopher Arnold Jiongo 10667800 Compulsory Discipline Disbarred 60830
In the Matter of Bilal Ahmed Khaleeq 24091271 Compulsory Discipline Interlocutory Suspension 60812
In the Matter of Arron Burt Nesbitt 24049737 Reciprocal Discipline Partially Probated Suspension 60520
In the Matter of Richard E. Smith 18669550 Reciprocal Discipline Partially Probated Suspension 60519
In the Matter of Tshombe Ali Anderson 24012218 Compulsory Discipline Interlocutory Suspension 60492
In the Matter of Rayan D. Ganesh 24068728 Compulsory Discipline Disbarred 60489
In the Matter of Phoebe Leslie Deak 24051808 Reciprocal Discipline Disbarred 60163
Hamilton Lindley v. Comm'n for Lawyer DIscipline 24044838 Evidentiary Appeal Affirmed 60095