Recent Decisions

SBOT Card No. Type of Matter Decision BODA Cause Number
In the Matter of Rodolfo Delgado 05645550 Compulsory Discipline Interlocutory Suspension 63669
In the Matter of Joe Jesse Ponce III 24014329 Revocation of Probation Suspended for the Term of Probation 63523
Commission for Lawyer Discipline v. A Texas Attorney Evidentiary Appeal Affirmed in part and reversed in part 63419
Ronald T. Spriggs v. Commission for Lawyer Discipline 00792853 Evidentiary Appeal Affirmed 62242
In the Matter of Kirk Lawrence Brannan 24038779 Compulsory Discipline Disbarred 62049
In the Matter of George R. Carter 00785388 Reciprocal Discipline Suspended 60162
In the Matter of Benjamin Richard Horton 24053273 Reciprocal Discipline Agreed Suspension 59814