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E.g., Jan 15 2021
E.g., Jan 15 2021
E.g., Jan 15 2021
E.g., Jan 15 2021
Type of Matter SBOT Card No. BODA Decision BODA Cause Number
In the matter of Shasta Marie Nolte Reciprocal Discipline 24071455 Agreed Fully Probated Suspension 65078
In the matter of Jack Stephen Pursley Compulsory Discipline 24046667 64921
In the matter of Ward B.B. Davison Revocation of Probation 24066787 Suspended for the Term of Probation 64755
In the matter of Alex James Washington Jr. Reciprocal Discipline 24107554 Agreed Fully Probated Suspension 64776
In the matter of Cassidy Teater Reciprocal Discipline 24080044 Disbarred 64721
In the matter of J. Marcos Perales-Pina Reciprocal Discipline 24091472 64720
In the matter of Ramon Gerardo Rios Compulsory Discipline 24062966 64719
Mario A. Mata v Commission for Lawyer Discipline Evidentiary Appeal 13184400 64651
In the matter of Gwendolyn Jean Shotwell Reciprocal Discipline 18304210 Agreed Fully Probated Suspension 64557
In the matter of Traci Leigh Bransford Reciprocal Discipline 02897520 Suspended 64637
Instructions and Admonishments for Zoom Hearings
In the matter of Kirby Jerome Portley Revocation of Probation 24085865 Suspended 64516
In the matter of Ilya Torchinsky Reciprocal Discipline 24095196 64475
In the matter of David Andrew Jaynes Reciprocal Discipline 10595790 64476
In the matter of Lon Darley Reciprocal Discipline 05384850 64477
In the matter of William A. Cohn Reciprocal Discipline 04512980 Public Reprimand 64478
In the matter of James R. Palmer Reciprocal Discipline 00793217 64479
In the matter of Paul Houston Lavalle Compulsory Discipline 11998625 64480
In the matter of Guillermo Vega Jr. Compulsory Discipline 20533700 64481
In the matter of Marc Maraman Tittlebaum Compulsory Discipline 24028044 Resigned in Lieu of Discipline 64482