In the Matter of James Michael O'Briant

On September 28, 2017, the Board of Disciplinary Appeals signed an Order Dismissing Reciprocal Discipline of Midland attorney James Michael O’Briant, 58, State Bar of Texas Card No. 0078875. On January 9, 2017 the Attorney Discipline Board of the State of Michigan disbarred O’Briant effective February 9, 2017, finding that he handled a matter without adequate preparation, neglected six legal matters, failed to seek the lawful objective of the client, failed to act with reasonable diligence and promptness, failed to keep the client reasonably informed, failed to comply promptly to requests for information from a client, failed to explain a matter adequately to the client, failed to promptly render a full accounting of client funds upon request, failed to refund an unearned fee, made a false statement of a material fact to a tribunal, failed to notify a client of his active suspension from the practice of law, and failed to file a notice of disqualification with the tribunal, all in violation of Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct. On September 19, 2017 the Supreme Court of Texas accepted O’Briant’s resignation in lieu of discipline by Misc. Docket No. 17-9119 and cancelled his license to practice law. BODA cause number 59134.

BODA Cause Number: 
Type of Matter: 
Reciprocal Discipline
Date Filed: 
Friday, June 2, 2017
BODA Decision: 
Resigned in Lieu of Discipline
Appealed to the Supreme Court: 
SBOT Card No.: