In the Matter of Tallion Kyle Taylor

On or about January 31, 2019, Mr. Taylor, 44, State Bar of Texas Card no. 24033263 was convicted after jury trial of three counts of Possession of Child Pornography in violation of Texas Penal Code § 43.26(a) in The State of Texas v. Tallion Kyle Taylor, Case No. 15-2925-K368 (count three), No. 15-2925-K368 (count seven), and No. 15-2925-K368 (count ten), in the 368th District Court of Williamson County, Texas. He was sentenced to 10 years incarceration on each count to run concurrently, with the sentences suspended and was placed on 10 years of community service with conditions. He has appealed the convictions. BODA case no. 61628.

BODA Cause Number: 
Type of Matter: 
Compulsory Discipline
Date Filed: 
Friday, February 15, 2019
Appealed to the Supreme Court: 
SBOT Card No.: 
Docket Date: 
Tuesday, October 1, 2019