In re Dean Gregory Chandler

On May 7, 2014, the Board of Disciplinary Appeals signed a default judgment of disbarment of San Marcos, CA attorney, Dean Gregory Chandler, 49, State Bar of Texas Card No. 24071146. Mr. Chandler was disbarred by the Supreme Court of California on or about September 11, 2013 in In re Dean Gregory Chandler, State Bar Court Nos. 10-O-02926; 10-O-03052; 10-O-06693; 10-O-06694; 10-O-06699; 10-O-7029; 10-O-07384; 10-O-07904; 10-O-07920; 10-O-07931; 10-O-07967; 10-O-07970; 10-O-07972; 10-O-07973; 10-O-07974; 10-O-08521; 10-O-08526; 10-O-08529; 10-O-08716; 10-O-08717; 10-O-08721; 10-O-08722; 10-O-08926; 10-O-08927; 10-O-08933; 10-O-09117; 10-O-09119; 10-O-09497; 10-O-09499; 10-O-09500; 10-O-09502; 10-O-09552; 10-O-09555; 10-O-10125; 10-O-10127; 10-O-10132; 10-O-10133; 10-O-10137; 10-O-10140; 10-O-10142; 10-O-10144; 10-O-10338; 10-O-10339; 10-O-10342; 10-O-10403; 10-O-10408; 10-O-10453; 10-O-10454; 10-O-10455; 10-O-10457; 10-O-10458; 10-O-10536; 10-O-10610; 10-O-10897; 10-O-10900; 10-O-10901; 10-O-11081; 10-O-11082; 10-O-11114; 10-O-11118; 10-O-11180; 10-O-11181; 10-O-11182; 11-O-10021; 11-O-10024; 11-O-10026; 11-O-10237; 11-O-10238; 11-O-10239; 11-O-10242; 11-O-10244; 11-O-10285; 11-O-10288; 11-O-10370; 11-O-10521; 11-O-10535; 11-O-10664; 11-O-10668; 11-O-10774; 11-O-10781; 11-O-10807; 11-O-10816; 11-O-11005; 11-O-11007; 11-O-11195; 11-O-11206; 11-O-11215; 11-O-11356; 11-O-11358; 11-O-11439; 11-O-11544; 11-O-11595; 11-O-11598; 11-O-11599; 11-O-11600; 11-O-11603; 11-O-11692; 11-O-11695; 11-O-11699; 11-O-11871; 11-O-11986; 11-O-11996; 11-O-12005; 11-O-12275; 11-O-12404; 11-O-12467; 11-O-12468; 11-O-12472; 11-O-12515; 11-O-12516; 11-O-12517; 11-O-12666; 11-O-12786; 11-O-12824; 11-O-12828; 11-O-12928) S211687, for 116 counts of violating California Rules of Professional Conduct 1-300(B) and 4-200(A) and one count of violating California Business and Professions Code sec. 6106 in 118 matters. Although cited to appear, Mr. Chandler did not answer or appear. BODA cause number 53928.

BODA Cause Number: 
Type of Matter: 
Reciprocal Discipline
Date Filed: 
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
BODA Decision: 
Appealed to the Supreme Court: 
SBOT Card No.: 
Docket Date: 
Friday, May 2, 2014
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