On August 27, 2002, the Board of Disciplinary Appeals revoked the probation of San Antonio attorney Ronald B. Layer, 53, SBOT Card No. 12065700, and suspended him from the practice of law for two years, beginning August 27, 2002. On or about April 13, 1999, Layer consented to an agreed judgment of a partially probated suspension signed and entered by the District 12B State Bar of Texas Grievance Committee on April 26, 1999. The agreed order of probation found that Layer committed professional misconduct and was suspended from the practice of law for 42 months, of which the first 18 months were to be active, beginning April 1, 1999 and ending September 30, 2000, and the final 24 months were to be probated beginning October 1, 2000 and ending September 30, 2002. The Board found that Layer failed to timely make restitution to two former clients, in violation of the terms and conditions of the agreed judgment. Layer appealed this matter to the Supreme Court of Texas in Cause No. 02-0846. On February 13, 2003, the Supreme Court of Texas dismissed the appeal for want of prosecution.

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Appealed to the Supreme Court: 
Supreme Court Decision: 
Dismissed for want of prosecution
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Feb 14 2003
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