WALTER ANDREW LADYMAN v. Comm'n for Lawyer Discpline

On December 22, 2004, the Board of Disciplinary Appeals granted the Joint Motion to Reverse and Remand for Rendition and Entry of an Agreed Judgment in an evidentiary appeal by Abilene attorney Walter Andrew Ladyman, 50, SBOT Card No. 11787880. After oral argument before the Board of Disciplinary Appeals on December 3, 2004, the parties agreed to a fully probated suspension of Mr. Ladyman's law license, beginning January 1, 2005 and continuing until January 1, 2007. This Agreed Judgment of Fully Probated Suspension replaces the Judgment of Partially Probated Suspension (one year active suspension followed by one year probated suspension) dated March 26, 2004, from the Evidentiary Panel for the State Bar of Texas District 14C grievance committee in Case Nos. F0040212442 and F2100213198.

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Evidentiary Appeal
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Reversed and Remanded
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