On March 1, 2002, the Board of Disciplinary Appeals signed a Judgment of Suspension against attorney William F. Bell, 45, of Houston, Texas, an attorney not currently licensed to practice law in Texas with State Bar Card No. 02100090. Bell did not object to the final judgment of suspension. The Board had previously suspended Bell on May 12, 1999, based upon his convictions for two counts of Aggravated Perjury in 1998 in Case Nos. 789788 and 789789, both styled The State of Texas v. William Bell, in the 232nd District Court of Harris County, Texas. The court sentenced Bell to three (3) years as to each count to be served concurrently. These sentences were probated. The original BODA disciplinary judgment was interlocutory pending the outcome of Bell's appeals of the criminal convictions. The conviction in Case No. 789788 was ultimately overturned on appeal. First Court of Appeals docket no. 01-99-00100-CR. The First District Court of Appeals affirmed Case No. 789789 on May 9, 2001. First Court of Appeals docket no. 01-99-00101-CR. Bell will be suspended for the term of his criminal probation as originally assessed until May 8, 2004. In the event that his probation is revoked, he will be disbarred.

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Compulsory Discipline
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