James Okoro Okorafor v. Comm'n for Lawyer Discipline

On April 23, 2012 the Board of Disciplinary Appeals partially affirmed and partially reversed the judgment of active suspension of Houston attorney James Okoro Okorafor, 52, State Bar of Texas Card No. 15241710, signed on October 21, 2010 by the Evidentiary Panel for the State Bar of Texas District 4F grievance committee in Case Nos. H0060724640, H0030826302 and H0030826344. The Commission for Lawyer Discipline conceded that the evidentiary panel’s finding that Okorafor violated TDRPC 4.01(a) was error as a matter of law and in light of that concedes that the award of attorney’s fees to the State Bar of Texas was excessive. BODA rendered judgment suspending Okorafor from the practice of law from December 1, 2010 until April 23, 2012 and awarding attorney’s fees the State Bar of Texas in the amount of $1,000.

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Evidentiary Appeal
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Affirmed in part and rendered in part
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