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E.g., Apr 12 2024
E.g., Apr 12 2024
E.g., Apr 12 2024
E.g., Apr 12 2024
Type of Matter SBOT Card No. BODA Decision BODA Cause Number
In the Matter of Michael D. Rubin Disability 00794566 Agreed Indefinite Disability Suspension 68462
In the Matter of Cameron Gray Disability 08314600 Indefinite Disability Suspension 65644
Pejman Maadani v. Commission for Lawyer Discipline Evidentiary Appeal 24052152 68164
In the Matter of George W. Crawford II Reciprocal Discipline 05038500 Suspended 68195
In the Matter of Kevin P. Keating Revocation of Probation 00787813 Dismissed 68332
In the Matter of Marylin Jenkins Milner Reciprocal Discipline 68333
Rodney E. Moton v. Commission for Lawyer Discipline Evidentiary Appeal 24001432 68428
In the Matter of Ryan Christopher Hengl Reciprocal Discipline 24125006 Suspended 68638
Kyle B. Collins v. Commission for Lawyer Discipline Evidentiary Appeal 04613400 Dismissed for want of jurisdiction 68773
In the Matter of Leila Parvizian Braswell Reciprocal Discipline 24066652 68959
In the Matter of Daniel G. Garcia Reciprocal Discipline 07631820 68986
In the Matter of Wesley S. Spears Reciprocal Discipline 18898400 68987
In the Matter of Gregory Rincon Compulsory Discipline 24054154 68988
In the Matter of Richard Plezia Compulsory Discipline 16072800 Interlocutory Suspension 68989
In the Matter of Mason William Herring Compulsory Discipline 24071746 69030
In re Landon Stephon Keating Compulsory Discipline 24086647 68536
In the Matter of William O. Grimsinger Jr. Revocation of Probation 00792151 Suspended 68331
In the Matter of Jessica Lynn Siegel Compulsory Discipline 24013509 68197
In the matter of C. Tony Wright Compulsory Discipline 22025500 Resigned in Lieu of Discipline 68163
In the Matter of Bobby Ray Manning Reciprocal Discipline 68196 Agreed Fully Probated Suspension