In the Matter of John S. Young

On April 24, 2018, the Board of Disciplinary Appeals signed an agreed interlocutory order of suspension against Sweetwater, Texas attorney John S. Young, 57, State Bar of Texas Card No. 22197800. On November 13, 2017, Young was found guilty of two counts of Forgery of a Financial Instrument (counts one and two), Theft of Property in a value of $200,000 or more (count three), and Money Laundering in a value greater than $100,000 and less than $200,000 (count four), Intentional Crimes as defined in the Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure, in the case styled, The State of Texas v. John Stacy Young, Cause No. 30544B-17-0081-SB in the 119th Judicial District Court of Tom Green County, Texas. Mr. Young was sentenced to prison for 730 days as to counts one and two and 11 years as to counts three and four, to run concurrently, and ordered to pay a fine in the amount of $10,000.00. Young has appealed his criminal conviction. The Board retains jurisdiction to enter a final judgment when the criminal appeal is final. BODA cause number 59818.

BODA Cause Number: 
Type of Matter: 
Compulsory Discipline
Date Filed: 
Thursday, December 7, 2017
BODA Decision: 
Resigned in Lieu of Discipline
Appealed to the Supreme Court: 
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