In Person Hearings Resumed

Except when a notice of hearing or order of the Board states otherwise, all proceedings before the Board of Disciplinary Proceedings shall be conducted in the courtroom of the Supreme Court of Texas, in Austin.  Parties and counsel should expect to appear in person to participate in hearings.


Under the rules governing the Board, the Chair determines the method of appearance for any hearing, may choose to set any matter for remote hearing, and may allow or require anyone involved in a proceeding to participate remotely.  Tex. R. Disciplinary P. Part VII, cmt.; BODA Internal Procedural Rule 1.04(c).  If the Chair sets a matter for a remote proceeding, or allows remote participation, the Board will provide appropriate notice and instructions to the parties.  Remote hearings will be livestreamed through BODA’s YouTube channel.


Any objection to the method of appearance set for a particular hearing, and the party’s request for relief, shall be made by motion in accordance with BODA Internal Procedural Rule 1.09(a)(1).  Any such motion should present good cause for the objection and relief requested.  BODA Internal Procedural Rule 1.09(a)(1); cf. Tex. R. Civ. P. 21d(b)(1), (d).  The Board requests that such motions be filed at least one week prior to the hearing.