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E.g., Mar 25 2023
E.g., Mar 25 2023
E.g., Mar 25 2023
E.g., Mar 25 2023
Type of Matter SBOT Card No. BODA Decision BODA Cause Number
In the Matter of Robert Ray Smith Compulsory Discipline 18678070 Suspended 66183
In the Matter of Geoffrey C. Mousseau Compulsory Discipline 14606300 Disbarred 65863
In the Matter of Donald Edward Little Compulsory Discipline 24076191 66182
In the Matter of John O'Neill Green Compulsory Discipline 00785927 Interlocutory Suspension 65862
In the Matter of James Morris Balagia Compulsory Discipline 00783589 Interlocutory Suspension 65867
In the matter of Carl B. Duke Reciprocal Discipline 24059184 Denied 65570
In the matter of Jason Mario Bruno Reciprocal Discipline 24073334 Partially Probated Suspension 65864
In the matter of Dina Fae Domangue Reciprocal Discipline 24049570 Public Reprimand 65486
In the Matter of Leila Louise Hale Reciprocal Discipline 24088781 Public Reprimand 65263
In the matter of Lawrence E. Daniel Compulsory Discipline 05359900 Disbarred 65307
In the matter of Vincent P. Dhooghe Compulsory Discipline 05798950 Resigned in Lieu of Discipline 65008
In the matter of Gaylyn Leon Cooper Revocation of Probation 04774700 Suspended 65079
In the matter of Shasta Marie Nolte Reciprocal Discipline 24071455 Agreed Fully Probated Suspension 65078
In the matter of Jack Stephen Pursley Compulsory Discipline 24046667 Interlocutory Suspension 64921
In the matter of Ward B.B. Davison Revocation of Probation 24066787 Suspended for the Term of Probation 64755
In the matter of Alex James Washington Jr. Reciprocal Discipline 24107554 Agreed Fully Probated Suspension 64776
In the matter of Cassidy Teater Reciprocal Discipline 24080044 Disbarred 64721
In the matter of Ramon Gerardo Rios Compulsory Discipline 24062966 Suspended 64719
Mario A. Mata v Commission for Lawyer Discipline Evidentiary Appeal 13184400 Affirmed 64651
In the matter of Gwendolyn Jean Shotwell Reciprocal Discipline 18304210 Agreed Fully Probated Suspension 64557