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E.g., Nov 28 2022
E.g., Nov 28 2022
E.g., Nov 28 2022
E.g., Nov 28 2022
Type of Matter SBOT Card No. BODA Decision BODA Cause Number
In re MAZEN Y. ABDALLAH Compulsory Discipline 24054175 Disbarred 45332
In re BRIAN JOSE CHAVEZ Compulsory Discipline 00796343 Agreed Final Suspension 48190
In re NOEL A. GAGE Compulsory Discipline 07566400 Suspended for the Term of Probation 48192
In re TODD R. PHILLIPPI Compulsory Discipline 00790178 Interlocutory Suspension 48193
In re Mark Adrian Clark Compulsory Discipline 04292200 Disbarred 48191
James Okoro Okorafor v. Comm'n for Lawyer Discipline Evidentiary Appeal 15241710 Affirmed in part and rendered in part 44357
Robert G. Cochran v. CLD Evidentiary Appeal 00796010 Dismissed for Want of Prosecution 47549