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E.g., Nov 15 2019
E.g., Nov 15 2019
E.g., Nov 15 2019
E.g., Nov 15 2019
Type of Matter SBOT Card No. BODA Decision BODA Cause Number
In the Matter of Edward K. White III Reciprocal Discipline 21341700 Public Reprimand 59481
In the Matter of Robert H. Hosch Jr. Reciprocal Discipline 24045195 59477
In the Matter of Robin Jeffrey Gordon Reciprocal Discipline 08206200 Public Reprimand 59478
In the Matter of Richard Collins Dalton Reciprocal Discipline 24033539 Agreed Fully Probated Suspension 59480
In the Matter of Cynthia L. Best Reciprocal Discipline 24014755 Agreed Judgment of Suspension 59479
In re Lloyd E. Humphreys Compulsory Discipline 10277020 Dismissed 766
In the Matter of Kenneth Torrence Compulsory Discipline 20142400 Disbarred 763
In the Matter of Mark S. Smith Disability 18649000 Indefinite Disability Suspension 277
In the Matter of Randall R. Lyle Compulsory Discipline 12719500 Resigned in Lieu of Discipline 59135
In the Matter of James Michael O'Briant Reciprocal Discipline 00788875 Resigned in Lieu of Discipline 59134
In the Matter of James N. Walker Compulsory Discipline 20708600 Disbarred 59122
In the Matter of Rahul Malhotra Compulsory Discipline 00797781 Suspended for the Term of Probation 59097
In the Matter of Bryan Todd Adamson Reciprocal Discipline 24004522 Suspended 59098
In the Matter of Ronnie Robert Molina Disability 24034585 Agreed Indefinite Disability Suspension 58844
In the Matter of Percy L. Isgitt Compulsory Discipline 10433000 Resigned in Lieu of Discipline 58740
In the Matter of Barlow Smith Compulsory Discipline 18536020 Resigned in Lieu of Discipline 58729
In the Matter of Charles Marvin Bradshaw II Reciprocal Discipline 00790354 Public Reprimand 58731
In the Matter of T. Anthony Guajardo Reciprocal Discipline 08561200 Disbarred 58730
In the Matter of Gina Dawn Patterson Disability Reinstatement 24013301 Probated Disability Suspension 58517
Mark L. Honsaker v. Comm'n for Lawyer Discipline Evidentiary Appeal 00795425 Affirmed 58471