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E.g., Mar 1 2021
E.g., Mar 1 2021
E.g., Mar 1 2021
E.g., Mar 1 2021
Type of Matter SBOT Card No. BODA Decision BODA Cause Number
In the Matter of John Rex Thompson Revocation of Probation 19956150 Suspended for the Term of Probation 58071
In the Matter of Michelle Rene'e Mladek Revocation of Probation 24046455 Resigned in Lieu of Discipline 58072
In the Matter of Michael Garnet McGraw Compulsory Discipline 00792686 Disbarred 57993
In the Matter of Marlon Brent Messer Reciprocal Discipline 24029725 Agreed Fully Probated Suspension 57979
In re Matthew Alan Sharp Disability 24004403 Agreed Indefinite Disability Suspension 57786
In the Matter of John William Tinder II Reciprocal Discipline 24003060 Agreed Judgment of Suspension 57703
In the Matter of Michael Stephen Sepcich Reciprocal Discipline 24056843 Disbarred 57696
In the Matter of Byron L. Landau Reciprocal Discipline 00789970 Agreed Judgment of Suspension 57697
In the Matter of Malcolm Brasseaux Reciprocal Discipline 02911000 Disbarred 57702
In the Matter of Alfred L. Isassi Compulsory Discipline 24010124 Disbarred 57699
In the Matter of Martin Cantu Jr. Compulsory Discipline 03767440 Disbarred 57698
In the Matter of Stephen Young Kang Compulsory Discipline 24007465 Disbarred 57701
In the Matter of Patrick Lanier Compulsory Discipline 11933500 Resigned in Lieu of Discipline 57700
In the Matter of Ernesto Maldonado Disability 12855100 Agreed Indefinite Disability Suspension 57430
Robert E. Fitzgerald v. Comm'n for Lawyer Discipline Evidentiary Appeal 07088700 Affirmed 57404
In the Matter of Richard Reed Fritz Reciprocal Discipline 00793760 Disbarred 57322
In the Matter of Gary L. Lassen Reciprocal Discipline 11969500 Disbarred 57323
In the Matter of L. Mickele Daniels Compulsory Discipline 05374900 Disbarred 57321
In the Matter of Jacques Evan Trevino Compulsory Discipline 00797571 Resigned in Lieu of Discipline 57320
In the Matter of Rique Don Bobbitt Disability 02534000 Agreed Indefinite Disability Suspension 57117